WIN a custom made Cumbrae Guitar!!!

We are so excited to be announcing this, months in the making and what a great way to celebrate the fact that it’s only 50 days to go until the Millport Country Music Festival.

We have received a lot of comments regarding the new logo for this year’s festival and using the shape of the Isle of Cumbrae as the body of a guitar. What we didn’t know when this was designed was that this was the same concept as the logo used on the t-shirt designs for the the 1st ever Millport Country and Western Festival back in 1995.

Speaking with Gavin about how the idea came about for him, it was initially back in November last year while at a gig he realised that if you reversed the shape of an electric guitar it would look a bit like Cumbrae. Literally drawing up his idea on the back of a napkin this then progressed to a digital concept for the designer to work from.

At first, Gavin thought this would just be a great logo, however it was his son that then suggested we should get one made into an actual guitar.

This is where Guy Harrison, an expert luthier (guitar maker) and specialist in making custom electric guitars comes in. Guy makes bespoke guitars for many top musicians, is a great bloke and very easy to work with. Explaining the concept of what we were looking for he came back with some drawings, which were tweaked and a prototype of the “Cumbrae Guitar” was then commissioned.

The body of the prototype is made of Alder wood which is often used on the mid to later Fender Stratocasters and Guy describes as a “moderate attack with smooth decay having a very even, full and balanced tone with well defined highs and clear lows”.

Over the last few months the guitar has taken shape and a further four guitars have been ordered in a variety of woods.


Now for the exciting bit, you can own one of the Cumbrae Guitars!

We are making two of them available to festival visitors. One will go to auction in aid of local Millport youth organisations (more information to follow at a later date) and another can be won by anyone who has bought a concert ticket for the Millport Country Music Festival.

If you have already purchased your ticket, congratulations you are in the draw automatically.

For everyone else if you buy your ticket to see either The Shires or Mark Chesnutt before August 31st (these start at just £39) you will also be added into the draw with the chance of winning this amazing guitar.