The Dixie Beaver Band

On a dark, damp evening on Glasgow’s dirty East End streets, fate was to bring together two strangers with a shared vision. A vision that would bring about the birth of a new era in Country music.

From meagre beginnings in an overcrowded trailer somewhere in the south, Dixie dreamed of leaving behind hard times and singing songs that reflected the world around her. Songs that rocked! This dream became reality when in a geetar strummin’, liquor fuelled frenzy, she met a compadre with the same aspirations in Redneck Ross, bassist extraordinaire! A badass cowboy from the east and a slave to the cotton-pickin’ rhythm. They bonded over geetars, whiskey and Hank Williams.

Throughout the land, they searched for like-minded folks until one night they heard the faint sound of tap, tap, tapping. The noise grew in volume as it blasted out of the wagon that approached them from over the crooked black hills of the city. The wagon squealed to a halt beside them and there emerged a man with sticks and brushes. A man who knew what he was talkin’ about! A man who brought the beat to Dixie. A man they call P.P. Lockhart.

The three amigos took to the stages of the city’s honky tonks and bars, laying out their vision before all. However, they were missing, a string bustin’, sweet strumming, hallelujah praise the Lord, swinging geetar man. Many men tried and failed to join them, none had that glint in their eyes. Then a man in a checked shirt with a big black box filled with pedals strode into the room. Silent, unshaved and serious with his homemade beer bottleneck slide, he lay down a lick so mighty fine that had they not been hardy folks, they might have wept. Lagan Wolftracks was the final piece of the pie, the glue that would bond them together.

For a while they thought they were complete but it became apparent that they wanted something more. And one day it came, down from the mountain in the form of Zippy Slipchuk. A tall, dark, mountain man with a far away look in his eyes. A man with things that jingle and shake. A percussion prince.

This wild bunch set off to change the face of country music, to bring something true, pure and cookin’ to the ears of the masses. To say what needed to be said. To play what needed to be played.

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We are delighted that Dixie Beaver, Redneck Ross, Lagan Wolftracks, P.P. Lockhart and Zippy Slipchuk will be joining us in Millport this year for the Millport Country Music Festival. You will be able to see them as part of the Core Festival in Cactus Jack’s (Garrison Marquee) on Saturday 2nd September at 5.00pm and 6.30pm.